Our terroir

Making wine is all about patience and care, a work that starts and mostly happens in the vineyards.

Controlled grass cover allows to manage each vine’s and each variety’s vigor. During the whole cycle of the life of a vine, pruning, shoot thinning, green harvesting… all play their part in leading to a healty, qualitative crop, with grapes rich un natural sugar and aroma precursors. Finally, disease control and fertilisation treatments are carried out according to the grapevine’s needs, always with respect for the environment and the vineyard site.

Our vineyards in Valençay and Touraine, our two appellations, are established with a constant concern for the global harmony of the place and for the balance between the soil and the variety.

Our Touraine vineyard is established on a land that was formerly used to extract flint for Napoleon’s armies. Rich in stones, the slowly ondulating hillsides are ideal for the ripening of Gamay Noir, Côt, but also Sauvignon grapes. The important flint content of the soil gives to wines made from Sauvignon a distinct minerality and a smoky character that is typical to this terroir.

Our Valençay vineyard forms two islands opposite each other on hillsides above the banks of the river Modon, a tributary of the river Cher that runs through our vineyard.

On the Terrajots plot, the Perruches soil – a warm and stony soil – is ideal for late-ripening varieties such as Côt, Cabernet, but also Sauvignon rose and Chardonnay. The Aubuis soil – chalky and free-draining – imparts finesse and a fruity character to Pinot Noir.

On the “Loge à Perrin” area, the relief is more noticeable, and spreads over flint clay soils. Depending on the quantity of stones and the soil depth, each plot finds its perfect variety pairing: Côt on the hillsides and more continental varieties on the pleateaux, such as Gamay, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Our varieties

Cabernet Franc
Chenin Blanc
Côt (Malbec)
Pineau d’Aunis
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Rose

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